Meet The Mighty Copywriter.

With more than 30 years' experience writing for associations and businesses, Bob James is the Washington, DC area's go-to professional for on-demand copywriting. When you hire me, you get an experienced wordsmith and marketing advisor committed to the proven principle that clear copy is the key to results.

Need High-Quality Copy?  Look No Further.

Let me put my thousands of hours of experience to work for you.  Contact me about your next project at 202.641.5131 or

7 Reasons to Hire Me.

  1. Improve your results. With 30 years’ experience turning corporate-speak into customer-friendly copy, I can increase the response to any piece.

  2. Get marketing insights. Add a senior marketing pro to your team. Your copy and your plan will benefit from my 20 years in corporate marketing and agency management.

  3. Get fresh ideas. Count on me for a new and different way to get your points across.

  4. Get a competitive edge. Surrounded by competitors with the same offer? I’ll find your unique advantage — and the words to portray it with passion and precision.

  5. Free yourself for more important things. Copywriting a burden? Hand it off to a reliable specialist.

  6. Get it done right the first time. Don’t sweat a looming deadline. I’ll take the pressure off you.

  7. Impress your boss. Bosses matter as much as customers. Use a seasoned marketer for your next project and dazzle the higher-ups.

Clarity is King (Just Ask Aristotle).

Not sure clear copy is the key to results?  Ask an authority.

Aristotle fastened on this concept 2,300 years ago. The philosopher was strolling through the marketplace one day when he noticed something alarming: a cacophony of voices surrounded his fellow citizens.  He also noticed his peers were having trouble sorting the true messages from the false, so much so they were growing suspicious of all the messages—and their sources.

Aristotle, deep thinker that he was, offered this advice to communicators:

If you want to persuade your audience, use a clear, original and unadorned style.

Aristotle called his prescription for persuading an audience the "virtue of style."

Make Sure Your Marketing Communications Hit the Mark.

More than two millennia later, audiences are still ignoring most messages in the marketplace.

That's because the majority of marketing communications are deeply lacking in "virtue of style." They're poorly organized and chock-full of basic flaws. Most are:

By hiring me, you'll ensure your marketing communications steer clear of these common faults and reach the goals you've set.

Let me help you create marketing pieces that will actually achieve their objectives: to grab and hold the attention of your customers—and inspire them to act.

What I Can Provide.

Clients who value persuasive, results-driving communication turn to me for:

Clients know they can rely on me to deliver clean, accurate, on-target copy, on time, at a reasonable price, and with minimal direction on their part.

Why Will I Succeed for You?

In a word, practice.

I've had a whole lot of it during three decades of writing copy for clients.

In Outliers, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell cites practice—10,000 hours of it, to be precise—as a fundamental reason why some individuals (like Paul McCartney, Bill Gates and Boris Becker) become superstars, while other equally gifted people never do.

According to Gladwell, superstars can only become superstars after spending 10,000 hours practicing their craft, a threshold of achievement he dubs the "10,000-Hour Rule".

I can't hold a candle to the "outliers" Gladwell includes in his book. But in my 30 years as a copywriter I have met the 10,000-Hour Rule by writing thousands of marketing pieces for clients.

In fact, I've written for all media and for clients in industries as varied as automotives, biotech, construction, education, electronics, financial services, food, government, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, publishing, real estate and telecommunications. I know from experience why it's absolutely critical that you communicate with your audience in the right language and the proper voice. And I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects.



"It is not sufficient to know what one ought to say; one must also know how to say it."

—Aristotle, Rhetoric